How much does it cost to make a website?

Yes, we know everyone who wants to make a new website, asks this question. If you ask “How much does it cost to make a website?” We say, “Not Much”

During our 11 years of commercial experience, we have worked with various levels of clients, ranging from independent freelance professionals to large PLC corporations. We have designed simple static webs sites to, large multi store E-commerce and robust order processing systems, which can handle over 100’s of orders a minute…

Even though we are capable of delivering great projects in highest professional quality, As a growing web design company in London, we would like to keep our prices competitive and affordable for everyone.

WordPress Powered Website Design & Web Development.

It can be a fully customised wordpress website for small business, built with premium theme or custom designed theme. Our hourly rate starts from £60/hour or project cost from £800 and above.

WooCommerce Based E-Commerce Website Design

We recommends to use WooCommerce based website for small online stores with less than 100 products. This is because of the simplicity and ease of management. Our prices for small WooCommerce based E-commerce websites start from £1,200.

Magento / Magento 2.0 E-commerce Website Development

If it’s a large E-commerce store with over 100 products we always recommend to choose Magento E-commerce. We have over 10 years of experience in working with Magento E-commerce. Magento is a robust and extensible open source E-commerce system which is widely used by businesses world wide.

Our price for a Magento E-commerce website starts from £2,800. Additionally our litespeed powered Magento optimised Ecommerce web hosting is only £40/month.